Hotwire Migration
A React to Hotwire migration service
by Pascal Laliberté

Hi! I’m pascallaliberte.

A few years back, I wrote Modest JS Works, an online book about how to write less JavaScript, and I’ve been a core contributor to Bullet Train, a starter kit for Rails. You can see my contributions to Bullet Train on GitHub. Look out for the Dependent Fields Pattern (and docs) in particular.

You’re a founder, probably solo or with a small team, and you’re done with “Too much React”. Maybe it was the dependency updates that bit you hard for one last time. You’re basically stalled right now because of a dependency yarn ball to untangle. Maybe it’s the payload bloat that’s getting out of hand. Your app hit a limit with React.
“It’s time to move to Hotwire.”

Or maybe it’s the speed of development. It was okay with React, you got good, but now you’re seeing people whip up so much stuff with Hotwire in so little time.

3 Options, Fixed Pricing

  1. Hotwiring a Big Chunk of Your App, Fixed Price
    2 weeks of planning + 6 weeks of building, design included.
  2. A Two-Week, Part-Time Unblock
    Get moving with a block of development availability.
  3. Showing You How, One Week
    Coaching, Async, Over Text + Video.

Option #1
Hotwiring a Big Chunk of Your App, Fixed Price
2 weeks of planning + 6 weeks of building, design included.

Perfect for:

  • A big new side-bet, maybe a new app. We align on impact, the user’s Job-to-be-done, and I design and build a first working version.
  • Launching a UI component system for your team to plug-and-play on new features
  • Creating a brand-new feature, all in Hotwire, that needs love in both development and UX design
  • Rewriting an entire module to Hotwire

There will be three payments:

  1. USD $4,200* for the 2 weeks of planning (Shape Up), pre-paid. By the end of the 2 weeks, you’ll have a project plan, a document outlining the work with something I can fit within 6 weeks of work part-time. I’ll be using the Shape Up process for this initial consultation, for scoping, shaping, de-risking and formulating the bet you’re making. During this two weeks, we might do some rough design work, we might spike a bit of code. The goal is to help you find something that can be built, either by me or people on your team, to fit within 6 weeks, part-time.
  2. USD $8,100* pre-paid to start the 6-week block. If you choose to continue with the work with me leading the effort, we’ll find a 6-week block in our mutual availability and I’ll send you an invoice for the pre-payment. You’ll commit to some of your availability to answer my questions and to provide feedback during development, but you can expect a high degree of ownership on my part and of regular communication.
  3. USD $8,100* at the beginning of week #3. Changes in scope during the 6-week block will require a new 2-week planning block, scheduled after the end of the 6-week block.

Note: I’ll apply a 5% discount to payments #2 and #3 if they’re paid in full at the beginning of the 6-week block.


  • If the initial scope needs more time, no additional charges will be incurred.
  • The work is guaranteed free of new bugs for 2 months. Bugs previously part of the implementation (in case of a rewrite) are excluded from this guarantee. Bugs introduced during development will be fixed within the 2-month period following delivery of the work from the 6-week block, no extra charge.

Ask me about next available 2 weeks for feature planning

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

Option #2
A Two-Week, Part-Time Unblock
Get moving with a block of development availability.

A block of two weeks of my part-time availability (roughly 30%), to help you get unblocked

Perfect for:

  • Applying updates to React until your app runs locally again, so you get going
  • Setting up a few features in Hotwire, a rough first take for you to run with
  • Have React and Hotwire co-exist within your app so you can get moving on Hotwire views ASAP
  • Setting up something peculiar to you, that’s not covered in a lot of Hotwire tutorials
  • Reproducing a beautiful transition that you pulled off in React, but now want to swing in Hotwire
  • Continue going to town with TailwindCSS, but by creating ERB partials for modularity

Ask me about next available 2 weeks of development availability

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

Option #3
Showing You How, One Week
Coaching, Async, Over Text + Video.

A week of unlimited questions, answered via async screen sharing videos. I might share code snippets, but won’t produce PRs.

Perfect for:

  • Unlearning the React mindset and learning the Hotwire way and a few neat tricks. Like an ERB and Stimulus-based UI component system, Rails ActionView variants, Self-desctructing Turbo Stream tags, Reactivity across browsers, making React and Hotwire co-exist in an app. Basically the beautiful possibilities of a great framework like Rails.
  • You’re alone with your app and you’d rather go quick than to learn everything from scratch

Ask me about next available week of Hotwire async coaching

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

Not sure what that would look like? Start with a smaller version of this, my Upload a question service. Get a response to a Hotwire question, end of day tomorrow Jul 19, for $120 USD.