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A Video Response to your Hotwire Question, by end of day tomorrow Jun 20, $120 USD

  1. Record a video question on my Clarityflow intake page.
  2. Tomorrow, Jun 20, I’ll review your question and acknowledge receipt.
  3. If I can help, I’ll have a video response by end of day tomorrow Jun 20.
  4. I’ll then include a payment link for $120 USD, if you’re satisfied with the service.

How It Works

“Perfect fit” Questions:

You know when you have this question you’d like to ask in a forum, but it’s too specific to your codebase and you don’t want to use people’s time for free? That’s why I created this service.

All these questions are great. You’ll get a personalized video response from me, within a business day, for the price of a one-hour call we would have had to schedule. You’re in the moment right now with your question. You can record your question right now, and I’ll look at it tomorrow.